Gel Mattress Overlay

The Gel Mattress Overlay combines high density foam with 2″ of our proprietary Lite Gel in order to redistribute pressure across the entire support surface. Radio frequency welded bladders prevent bottoming out while 25 independent gel channels reduce gel dispersion.

Convoluted Foam Bed Pads

Convoluted Foam Bed Pads convert a regular hospital bed into a therapeutic bed for decubitus control by minimizing pressure between tissue and bony prominences. Convoluted surface provides air circulation to dissipate body heat keeping the individual cool, dry and comfortable.

Ulti-Mat Critical Care Pads

For the high-risk pressure sore patient and for the management of tissue trauma. Ulti-Mat Critical Care Pads reduce pressure causing capillary occlusion, shear causing capillary shutdown, friction causing skin abrasion and moisture (increases airflow) causing skin breakdown. Available in easy to handle Com-Pak rolls.

Hydro-Float Critical Care Flotation Bed Pad

The Hydro-Float Flotation Bed Pad is an efficient yet inexpensive approach to flotation therapy for patients who are confined to bed. The Hydro- Float Flotation Bed Pad significantly reduces tissue pressure, temperature and shear in the areas of the scapula, olecranon, greater trochanter and ischium.

Gel Mattress Overlay Ultra-Lite

The Gel Mattress Overlay Ultra-Lite features a sculptured high density foam top and bottom, with multiple encapsulated gel bladders to effectively redistribute pressure. Zippered, removable cover allows the overlay to be used on either when flipped over. Cover is constructed from a soft, navy nylon urethane-coated, non-vapor material.