A Revolution In Seating

In the past, all cushions were made one way. They were scaled up or down and provided to bariatric, adult or pediatric patients alike. Not any more…
What Makes Hudson Revolutionary?
Insurance Coverage Criteria

Wheelchair Seating

Our line of wheelchair seating products include basic cash and carry cushions to advanced Medicare reimbursable seating systems. We feature a wide variety of sizes including pediatric, adult and bariatric. Custom sizes and configurations are available.

Patients who spend long periods of time in their wheelchairs may require a back cushion. We offer a wide array of sizes in both flat and lumbar configurations; all of which are Meidcare reimbursable. Back and seat cushion combinations are also available.

Most bariatric cushions are simply scaled up versions of standard sizes. Hudson Medical uses its proprietary Progressive Support Technology (PST) to increase foam density in bariatric cushions thereby providing calibrated support to heavier clients.

Bolsters, abduction posts, and fleece covers are but a few of the wheelchair accessories we offer. These accesories are designed to help provide positioning, alleviate pressure, increase safety and enhance patient comfort.